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Email Marketing

Several research has proven that email marketing still delivers a higher return on investment than any other Digital Marketing medium.

We develop, design and implement different Email marketing campaigns for clients in line with their marketing strategy.

Email projects include:

  • E-letter: this is the type of email sent by the Brand’s managing director or top executive to the subscribers.
  • E-zine: This type is usually for editorial for online magazine.
  • Gauntlet: This is a series of emails sent to subscribers as part of an information sharing series all towards one purpose.
  • Stand-alone email: will be used as part of the email marketing effort especially to non-subscribers to drive them to a long-copy landing page or subscription page.
  • E-newsletter: will be written as periodic updates in form of articles for brand’s email subscribers list.
  • Refresher: this will be targeted towards those who have not been reading sent emails to get them to open them again.

Let’s develop and implement an email marketing campaign for your brand